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We started this website back in 2003 with my husband, Joe, as the webmaster. This website started small. My original welcome remark says it all. 

"Hi my name is Allison DuBois, welcome to my website. I belong to a new generation of mediums who are out to break old stereotypes that put a negative spin on people with mediumship abilities. I call things like I see them and I am not afraid to push the boundaries of my abilities. I pride myself on accuracy and bringing closure to people who have lost loved ones.

My website is designed to help bring clarity to people in their sometimes complicated lives. Also, I provide information for people who have noticed their own abilities and have questions that need to be answered."


Through the years we have kept the same goals. We have added a newsletter and video blogs and a shopping cart, but in the end it is still about helping people.

Allison DuBois

“Figuring out our gifts in life is part of our journey to becoming enlightened human beings. ”
― Allison DuBois

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