Private Readings

I do book Private Readings. Most of these readings are conducted on the telephone. I conduct readings for people all over the world via telephone. The distance is not an issue because the person who has passed is in the room with me. The most important factor is that you, the living person, is open and ready for the reading. The next most important factor is that we have a good telephone connection. For this reason I do not use skype because I have had an issue with the quality of the connection in the past. There is also a limited number of "in-person" readings. The "in-person" readings are conducted in Scottsdale, Arizona.
There are two types of telephone readings available, "Life Questions" and "Mediumship".
"Life Questions" reading (30 minutes): I will answer your questions regarding career, health, relationships, questions about children/family, and guidance on navigating your own abilities. These readings are open to everyone.
"Mediumship" reading: In this reading I will connect with the person or people you choose. It will take 30 minutes to connect with one person, and it will take an hour to connect with more than one person who has passed. I require that people attend one of my live seminars before they schedule a mediumship reading. I do this, because those who attend my events are able to both witness readings and become acquainted with my style. They leave understanding the process of a reading and this puts us on the same page energetically. Powerful readings have resulted from this practice and that's my intention for every custom reading.
You may schedule a combination Life Reading and Mediumship reading, this will last 60 minute.
Once you attend the seminar you are automatically on the list to be contacted regarding the private readings. We will contact the person who purchased the tickets via e-mail. If a group came together, then everyone in the group is eligible to be on the list, but we will only contact the person who purchased the ticket and it will be up to them to contact the others in the group.
For more information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.