I have invited Jaena from DivineMissionCoaching.com to provide a monthly inspirational message. Jaena is a good friend of mine and I have always noticed that she can lighten a room and provide a meaningful thought. She finds her own personal inspiration from many sources that I am sure she will share with you. You can use these thoughts to start your own personal meditation.

Owning Your Truth in Crazy Times

What is “Your Truth”?

Is it a set of values and beliefs?

Is it defined by what attracts and/or repels you?

Are you living in total alignment with it, whatever “It” is?

From the moment we are born, other people begin imprinting...Read More »

Take the bubble bath, already!

I’m on my knees, crumpled over the toilet, crying like a baby.

I feel stupid and like a total waste of space.

Every muscle in my body is screaming at me.

I’m utterly defeated and just. so. done.

You know what broke me? Paint.

Yes, I know how silly that sounds but if you’d told...Read More »

June 2017

Release And Let Go So Things Can Flow

Hey Love! It’s me, Jaena Moynihan, your Divine Mission Coach and “friend with spiritual benefits”, here to deliver a little monthly inspiration.

I’m  inspired by a lot of things but there’s one thing I’m consistently and continuously inspired by nearly every single day: tarot...Read More »

5 Ways to Connect with Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Hey, Loves! I hope you’re having a fabulous month so far! 🙂

April reminds me of many delightful things, including:

  • Springtime
  • Renewal & Rebirth
  • Cleansing
  • Easter
  • Bunnies!

There’s also a couple of highly-significant anniversaries for me in April, one not exactly “delightful”:

  1. The day I quit my job to be a self-employed spiritual entrepreneur
  2. The day my father passed away (which comes...Read More »

How To Create Your Own Luck

Happy March, #DuCrew!

That’s the current nickname in my head for friends, fans and family of Allison DuBois LOL

I hope the month is going well for you so far!

adore March; it’s my birth month! Not only that, it’s right next to the Spring Equinox, which always makes me think of cleansing, renewal...Read More »

Meet Jaena + 5 Ways to Slay Your Self-Care

Hey Loves!

I’m Allison’s friend, Jaena Moynihan. I was so excited when she invited me to join you on her site to share a few of my inspirational nuggets with her community! We’ve known each other for years and there’s a lot of love between us, so what better time to start than February, the...Read More »