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Gift Certificates

Just in time for the holidays, we now have gift certificates!

The gift of a reading is both personal and sentimental, as it involves the heart of the recipient. It can be tricky to give, because the person receiving the gift must be open to the process and emotionally ready to receive a reading. This is for someone you know very well, who is emotionally available and who would have considered booking a reading themselves.

This certificate will arrive with a signed copy of Into The Dark.  There are two types of readings: Life Questions Reading or Mediumship Reading.

A LIFE READING involves predictions such as, career, relationships, their own abilities, health etc. A ‘life reading’ is the gift of guidance, concentrating on anything affecting the recipient’s life and their loved one’s lives.

MEDIUMSHIP READING is where Allison connects the client with the deceased loved one of their choice.

In a 30 minute reading, Allison can do either a Life Reading OR a Mediumship reading to bring through a single loved one. If you are interested in a combination of Life Questions and Mediumship, or there are several people you would like Allison to bring through, please select the 60 minute reading.

The certificate is valid through and must be redeemed before December 31, 2018. We will keep track of the order and when the person receiving the reading is ready to schedule, they can email us at and we will schedule the reading in a timely manner.

All sales are final, but you are welcome to transfer the reading to whomever you like. When we call to schedule the reading, we also go over what to expect. If the recipient isn’t ready for a reading or expresses not being open to the process, we will arrange to have the gift certificate transferred to the person of your choice.



December Forecast 2017

tommcmullanThe last month of the year begins with Sagittarius energy. The Sun is currently in Sagittarius and  Saturn conjoins with Mercury in this sign along with the entry of Venus. This sign represents seeking the truth and looking beyond our primitive selves. We need to reach beyond our selfish needs and find compassion for those who need our humanity. This last month uncovered many hidden atrocities, and now we must ask ourselves, how do we move forward?

       With the outer planets of Jupiter and Neptune making a favorable connection in water signs, our emotional power is ramped up to help us move toward a more compassionate and humanitarian approach. Treating each other with respect and using empathy will help get us to a more spiritual place.

       The Full Moon on the 3rd in Gemini will create a bombardment of information. Try and sort out this information with an objective eye and not a subjective one.

       The biggest event comes this month with Saturn leaving its travels through Sagittarius and entering its own sign of Capricorn on the 19th. It will move through this sign for close to three years. Since rules and government are ruled by this energy, they will be the most affected. The last time Saturn was in Capricorn, the Berlin Wall came down and we saw changes going on in the Soviet Union. It was also during the unrest in Tiananmen Square.

       On the 22nd, the Sun enters Capricorn and comes together with Saturn. Use this time of the last part of the year to decide who or what you give your power and authority to. It’s important to start looking into the new year regarding the answer to that question, because it is time to take your power back and make sure your actions moving forward are consistent with your own personal beliefs and not someone else’s.

For more information, please contact Tom McMullan at

Testimonial: Marty

What a nice Thanksgiving treat! Thanks so much for sending this and please thank Allison from us. It was wonderful reading (rather emotional one for me), but left me feeling nostalgic of my beautiful grandma and thankful for all my blessings, including her.

Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and we’ll be in touch for future readings, etc. It was truly a pleasure.

Thanks again!


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