Happy March, #DuCrew!

That’s the current nickname in my head for friends, fans and family of Allison DuBois LOL

I hope the month is going well for you so far!

adore March; it’s my birth month! Not only that, it’s right next to the Spring Equinox, which always makes me think of cleansing, renewal and fresh energy coming in.

Plus, there’s the international celebration of St. Patricks Day, occasionally filled with green beer and bad choices we hope “the luck of the Irish” will see us through. What’s not to love?

Get Lucky

“Luck” is my inspiration this month and I’m wondering if you believe in it? Specifically, do you believe we create our own luck or that some people are indeed just more “lucky” than others?

Do we CREATE? Or is it FATE?

I’m talking about it in this months episode:

Merriam-Webster defines ‘luck’ as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

I think it’s interesting (and comforting) that both “success” and “failure” are mentioned in Luck’s definition, suggesting that it could be considered just as “lucky” to experience failure as it is to experience success. #thingsthatmakeyousayhmm

Here’s What I Know

Luck is essentially the seizing of opportunities.

Opportunities to experience and verify what you believe to be true will always present themselves.

If you believe you’re someone who regularly experiences opportunities for great success, then you will.

Likewise, if you are convinced you’re someone who frequently experiences obstacles (usually just when you thought you were getting ahead!), then you will.

One of my favorite mindset nuggets is:

“Obstacles are Opportunities in disguise”.

How you perceive and respond to challenges determines much of how events will unfold for you over a period of time.

Here’s How to Create Your Own Luck

  1. Define Success. What does it really look and feel like to you?
  2. Think about it a lot.
  3. Write a list of the people, places, things or ideas which feel most aligned with your vision of “success”.
  4. Find ways to invest your time and energy into being around them more often.
  5. When opportunities to experience even more of them show up, say YES and follow through.
  6. Rinse and Repeat.

Obstacles to fully seizing certain opportunities will arise at times, either from within yourself or due to external circumstances.

If and when that occurs, remind yourself “obstacles are opportunities in disguise”; the Universe is leading you in the right direction for your Highest Good, so just go with it.

The more you do, the luckier you’ll feel.

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