Hey, Loves! I hope you’re having a fabulous month so far! 🙂

April reminds me of many delightful things, including:

  • Springtime
  • Renewal & Rebirth
  • Cleansing
  • Easter
  • Bunnies!

There’s also a couple of highly-significant anniversaries for me in April, one not exactly “delightful”:

  1. The day I quit my job to be a self-employed spiritual entrepreneur
  2. The day my father passed away (which comes exactly one day after the first).

Each year, I take the anniversary of my fathers passing off from work.

I mute all notifications on my phone and unplug from the computer to honor and remember my Dad in whatever way feels right to me, which typically includes honoring my grief with a good cry followed by spending the rest of the day enjoying quality time with him.

The fact that my father is no longer here in physical form doesn’t prevent me from spending quality time with him, nor should it prevent you from maintaining a rich and rewarding relationship with your loved ones.

You honestly don’t need to identify as a psychic medium in order to receive messages of comfort from your loved ones but you do need to be able to self-validate and accept your connections as legit.

Nothing is more disheartening to your loved ones on the otherside than when they move a bunch of energy to send you a message, see you receive the message, then watch as you deny its legitimacy and miss the connection by passing it off or dismissing it as “coincidence”.

Acknowledging the connection by accepting its validity, then sending feelings of love and appreciation in return, delights our loved ones in Spirit to no end.

We’re talking about some ways to do exactly that in this months Inspiration episode. Watch below:

There are many ways to keep connected with your loved ones in Spirit. Here are the 5 ways I like to keep in touch with mine (summarized from the video):

  1. Think of them and send love.
  2. Do things you would’ve done together.
  3. Go places you would’ve gone together.
  4. Cook or go out to eat foods you both loved.
  5. Do stuff you know they would’ve wanted you to do.

You can do this anytime and in fact, the more you do it, the stronger your connection will feel.

I hope you enjoy this process immensely!

Til next month xoxo <3

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