Be careful of accidents in the first few days of the month when Mercury and Uranus challenge the Moon and Pluto. Overreacting to emotions can have bad consequences with this combination. On the positive side, Mercury and Uranus in Aries can give you sudden insight and flashes of new ideas.
Venus enters Aries on the 6th which makes one jump impulsively into relationships. It also creates a strong sexual impulse more than a romantic one. I guess this is good for the birds and the bees, but if you’re human, you might want to have protection.
The middle of the month has Mars squaring Jupiter. This combination makes people force their beliefs on you, which should add fuel to the fire in this election time of the year. Differences of opinion will get very heated. Try not to burn bridges you don’t wish to burn.
The New Moon in Aries on the 7th is stimulated by the Sun and Uranus joining in, making us want to rebel and press for immediate change of things we are not happy with.
The Sun enters the money sign of Taurus on the 19th followed two days later by a Full Moon in Scorpio. With Venus joined together with Uranus, you can expect sudden changes in finances and relationships.

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