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Mediumship 101

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Welcome to Dead University! I’ve been asked to teach a mediumship class for many years and now I’m doing it! I’m going to be your hype professor as you navigate mediumship and I will work to raise your confidence level! I designed this course to include all the basics that I have learned, as I grew as a medium, from a child all the way up to being your Paranormal Professor! In my classroom, you’re going to learn how to read people and strengthen your abilities. Also, how to navigate your gift from a spiritual perspective, while following an ethical code. This is a video course, like a master class, that you can start at anytime.

I have created a special chat area called Recess! This is a place for enrolled students to ask me questions about my lessons. Recess is also a place for my students to make friends and share their experiences with one another. I also have a Zoom Laboratory for my students to practice reading each other by pulling impressions off of one another. My gifted students from around the world gather in my Laboratory every week to practice their craft whenever they like while making friends with others like them. We make the Laboratory available to my students for a full year after sign up.

What Will I Learn?

  • This course will help you understand the gifts that you already have and how you can use them effectively.
  • This course will also give you the benefit of the experience I have gained through being a practicing medium.

Topics for this course

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Day 710:39
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Final Exam



Hello to my Magic Makers! I wanted to remind you to talk to each other at Recess! Click reply under other student's names to leave them a message and coordinate times together for the Zoom Laboratory for your practice circles! I'm very happy with your progress, remember you will get out of this class what you put into it, practice will make you stronger and more accurate. I've been getting some great questions from some of you which shows me your growth, keep it up! These Zoom rooms are a great place to practice with each other. New times will be added each week.

Material Includes

  • Materials available for purchase, but not required.


  • Things Magic Makers will need:
  • • Pad of Paper
  • • Pencils

Target Audience

  • This course is crafted for people who have gifts, but don't know how to use them.

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