It’s time to make your plans and set your goals for this New Year. The Sun in ambitious Capricorn is conjunct with Pluto, making this a great combination to structurally build what it is you wish to obtain this year. We will experience the last tight orb between Pluto and Uranus this month. Eliminate what is not working in your life and replace it with something new.
Venus, the planet of relationships and money, sits next to Saturn, the planet which rules this ambitious builder sign of Capricorn. So the emphasis for change is directed toward relationships and finances. Since they reside in Sagittarius, the potential for growth is quite large. This would be a good time to start partnerships in the working part of your career. One of my sayings is: life is not what we do or where we do it, it’s who we do it with. Make sure you are working with people who share your beliefs and goals.
Mars has entered the secretive sign of Scorpio and makes a challenging square to Mercury. Watch out for deceptive individuals who are out for themselves, even though they may appear to be concerned for you. Always use a contract, read it thoroughly, and sign it.
The Sun enters progressive Aquarius on the 20th and we get a Full Moon in Leo on the 23rd. The political field will be at the forefront of news as we head into February. Expect the unexpected.

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