tommcmullanJuly starts of with a difficult opposition between Venus and Pluto. Others may try to control you against your will. Be careful how you react to your relationship’s demands. This energy causes separations. If there is not a compromise to be had between you and someone else, the relationship will probably change significantly or end.

The New Moon in Cancer will also oppose Pluto in Capricorn on the 4th of July. Use caution when expressing your emotions. You may have a sense of isolation from others, especially family members. This New Moon highlights childhood issues that could surface during family gatherings. Try not to regress to a five year old when arguing with your parents.

The middle of the month lightens up when Mercury and Venus enter sunny Leo. This can be a time of fun and romance. Extravagant purchases and vacation trips can be expected. The Sun begins to make a favorable aspect to Mars, so our energy will be high. It’s a good time to take on a large project.

The Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo on the 22nd. The good aspect to Mars continues. Venus makes a nice aspect to Saturn. This brings tried and true relationships into ones life. You can depend on others who support you. If you are having difficulties, this would be a good time to ask for help from loved ones. This goes for you too Virgos!

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