This fourth of July weekend has the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in the sign of Cancer. Family gatherings will abound, but be cautious. These planets have hard aspects to Pluto and Jupiter, meaning family members may try and force their beliefs and ideas onto you. Family always has the most powerful influence on us, but you may have moved on from the messages of your childhood, so don’t be swayed by the memory of something that no longer falls into your belief system of where you are now.

Emotional upheavals are bound to happen when the Full Moon joining Pluto in Capricorn happens on the 8th. Try and stay objective to what others are saying to you. If you take things too personally, you are bound to come off defending yourself and engaging in a conflict that might get out of control.

Mercury enters Leo this month. This makes us want to put a stamp on what we think is important and to lose objectivity in our thinking. You will demand to be heard. Venus also enters Leo this month which will make you want to buy something extravagant and turn on the romantic gene.

The New Moon around the 22nd and 23rd has the Sun and Moon enter Leo and join Mars. They will make a hard aspect to Uranus in Aries. This intense fire energy will create tremendous clashes of egos and possible accidents or violence. Be careful of getting into conflicts with others who force their will on you. This energy could also heat up the atmosphere making July a very hot month.