If sudden upsets ruled last month, then stability and practicality take over this month. The Sun in Taurus is in a favorable relationship with Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs. We should see solid growth in real estate and investments in natural commodities. This would be a good time to remodel your home if need be. The New Moon on the sixth only adds to this energy.
Venus and Mercury also join in to this combination by being in Taurus together. Money issues will be at the forefront of political conversations. Practical solutions to complicated problems will be discussed and debated. Wild ideologies will not hold our attention right now.
Jupiter and Saturn, the planets of expansion and conservation are somewhat at odds with each other. Timing becomes very important in this type of situation. Knowing how to expand at the right time and then knowing when it is enough is how to approach a decision.
On May 20th the Sun moves into mental Gemini and the next day we get a Full Moon in Sagittarius with Mars right next to it. This has a risky gambling energy attached to it. Make sure what you are gambling on has a solid opportunity for a practical outcome. Not many people put money into a slot machine and come home with the jackpot.

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