What is “Your Truth”?

Is it a set of values and beliefs?

Is it defined by what attracts and/or repels you?

Are you living in total alignment with it, whatever “It” is?

From the moment we are born, other people begin imprinting and influencing us with their beliefs, values, and ideals. They tell us what’s right, what’s wrong and what the appropriate responses are to each.

If we stick to what they say, we get their approval and if we veer off, we get their shame.

Rather than impartially present information to help others make informed choices about what feels right for them to act upon, we create agendas for how we think they “should” behave instead.

This is a deeply ingrained norm in our society and it’s so normal that we do it without it even realizing what we’re doing.

But it’s incredibly unhealthy and damaging to ourselves and others because it creates unnecessary pressure and restrictive conditions which make others feel trapped, imprisoned, and unable to feel a sense of validation or approval.

People make bad choices when they feel this way.

The saying goes, “Hurting people hurt people.”

If you continually find yourself in a state of anxiety, overwhelm, panic, fear, or frustration, there’s a good chance you’re not in alignment with your Truth. If that’s case, then I want to (lovingly) say that it’s time to check yourself.

Say what you need to say and do what you need to do to live your Truth. I promise it will silence so much noise in your life and bring a deeper sense of relief and peace.

The Lion’s Gate

We are living in some pretty intense times right now:

Astrologically speaking, there are 5 planets currently in retrograde. We had a lunar eclipse during the full moon this month and we’re having a total solar eclipse during the New Moon on August 21.

A numerological event known as “The Lion’s Gate” is also occurring between the Full & New Moon. On August 8th, 2017 the numerology created a triple 888 (8+8+2+0+1+7=26/8, for my numerology nerds). It happened again on August 17th (8+1+7+2+0+1+7=26/8).

Each event is significant but what this all together means (for those who don’t identify as astrology/numerology nerds) is that we are in an incredibly powerful period of having anything which creates a block or sense of being “stuck” rise to the surface.

Any area of your life which doesn’t feel in total alignment with your authentic feelings, desires, and beliefs will bother and disturb you much more intensively.

There is no hiding from your Truth; it always finds you in the end. During the Lion’s Gate period, this is even more evident.

You can see this playing out all over the world; in America, we recently had to face the possibility of going to war with North Korea. Then, in Charlottesville, Virginia several anti-racism protesters were killed or hospitalized when a white supremacist pummeled his car into their assembly.   

There is no place for Darkness to hide when Light is shone upon it.

All of our darkness is being brought into the light for clearing and releasing right now, on cultural as well as individual levels.

There’s no more room for self-imposed ignorance; it’s time to make choice about what you stand for and against.

Whether it’s something as large as systemic racism or something as personal as deciding to get out of a relationship where you don’t feel respected or valued, it is time to choose.

“If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.”

It’s time to take a stand for ourselves. It’s time to advocate for our divine birthrights of wellness, abundance, and personal empowerment.

Say NO to what you know is wrong. Say YES to what you know is right.

We don’t have the luxury of turning a blind eye anymore, my friends. If we want our lives and the world to be better it’s time to “pull a Ghandi” and “BE the change you want to see in the world.