Release And Let Go So Things Can Flow

Hey Love! It’s me, Jaena Moynihan, your Divine Mission Coach and “friend with spiritual benefits”, here to deliver a little monthly inspiration.

I’m  inspired by a lot of things but there’s one thing I’m consistently and continuously inspired by nearly every single day: tarot cards. I LOVE tarot cards and think they’re the most fabulous spiritual tool in my toolkit.

I’ve been reading them for myself since 1989 and professionally for others since 2004 and I never stop learning from them. Honestly, Tarot has always been my gateway drug to spirituality!

Here are a few cards I pulled for you to help look at what the energy is like around us right now, which I explain in my June Tarot Vlog:

5 of Pentacles

The first card that came up is the 5 of Pentacles and in tarot, fives are numbers of change, transition, movement, and challenge, which bring a tremendous amount of growth (tough as it may be at times).

The 5 of Pentacles tends to come up when we’re going through a period of having to make necessary changes.

It can feel like “change” is getting forced on us when this card shows up; we’re going from where we are to where we need to be, not necessarily because we want to rather have to because our circumstances necessitate a transition, so this is all about really accepting (even embracing) those changes.

It’s in the suit of Pentacles, which is connected with the element of Earth, so this is what’s impacting us on a physical, material level such as money, health, career, and home; it all comes under the Pentacles jurisdiction.

Remember, this too shall pass; it’s just a temporary set of circumstances. You may not be entirely satisfied with where you’re at but at least you’re in transit to a different, hopefully, better place.

10 of Wands

The next card that came up was also a bit heavy: the 10 of Wands, which is the card that always likes to appear when we’re feeling over-burdened.

You can see the person depicted in this card is carrying quite a heavy load but they’re almost home so the messages are, “finish strong” and “don’t give up right before your miracle happens”.

A few questions this card likes to ask include:

  • What do you need to do right now, at this moment in order to lighten your load?
  • What do you need to do to unburden yourself or experience relief?
  • Are you carrying the weight of other people’s drama on your back?
  • Is everything you’re carrying all your own stuff, or is there any of it you can let the owners handle for themselves like grown-ups do?

There are times when it’s necessary to receive support but there are also times when we need to stand up and handle our own stuff. If this makes you think of anyone in particular, know that it’s a great time to set a boundary (or ten).

Speaking of tens, whenever one shows up in tarot, it’s double the 5 energy we discussed with the 5 of Pentacles, so of course there’s going to be a lot of change, transition and movement going on but tens also refer to simultaneous endings and beginnings; one chapter is about to close for you while another is opening.

It’s a new phase of your life; moving forward, there won’t be as much room for some of the stuff that once occupied your time and energy; this is a great time to take a personal inventory and assess what that feels outdated and in need of being released.

3 of Swords

The final card showing up is the 3 of swords and it looks like a pretty gnarly card, right? I mean, it’s 3 swords piercing a heart, so it’s not hard to guess that this card speaks to sadness, sorrow, grief, heartache, and disappointment; this card often shows up when we’re experiencing a significant degree of mental and emotional pain.

Swords connect with the element of Air, so it’s all about what impacts us on a mental level, such as stress and anxiety or on the flip side, it could represent clarity and ah-ha moments.

The thing about this card is that even though it looks super-gnarly, it’s actually a really good card with a great message: you don’t get rainbows without rainstorms.

Rainbows are often seen after thunderstorms, which are very cleansing events. Perhaps what you’re experiencing as “painful” may actually be clearing the way for a breakthrough in the near future.

The best way to encourage this breakthrough is to allow yourself to have whatever emotional release you need; don’t try to push it down because doing so will only cause you more pain.

Let it go, let it flow and know a rainbow will appear on the other side of your pain very soon.

There are two suits in tarot: the Major and Minor Arcana. Each of the cards I pulled is in the minor arcana, which represent temporary, passing circumstances, whereas the major cards speak to universal themes and lasting lessons in life. If it’s been more challenging for you lately, know that it’s simply a transitional period for you and things should lighten up again very soon.

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