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Top 10 List – Advice for Gifted Kids

Through my own experiences, and by raising three gifted children of my own, I have collected my top ten lessons learned.

Scottsdale 2018

November 2017 Newsletter

Secrets are Revealed
November can be a hard month for those who are missing their loved ones more as the holidays approach. This November has particularly difficult energy, many people are feeling depressed or alone.
What I can say to those people is, you aren’t alone, loved ones who’ve passed are always there and trying to sooth you. While we’re alive we’re creating the happiest moments of our lives, that when we pass, become moments that we can access and relive as often as we want. I tell you this, so that you won’t miss the opportunity to enjoy every day you’re here, even if you lost the most important people in your life.
Travel to the places you’ve always wanted to see, and take a picture with you of the people you want to share it with, and talk to them. They can hear you, show them how you don’t take life for granted and that they’re still part of your every day experiences. They want more than anything, to be included in their loved ones lives. Let them see that you know they can hear you. Show them that they inspired your life and continue to do so.
Save them a seat on important holiday celebrations and tell funny stories about them, they love hearing stories that include them. Make a dish that your grandmother use to make, she’d love that. If you miss a child, buy a present for a child that won’t have Christmas without you. There are many ways to honor our loved ones and let others know how special the people we miss are to us.
If your energy feels low right now, depressed, sad, whatever, there’s a reason for it, let’s just say ‘it’s in the stars’. We can navigate this energy together, and come out learning something enlightening from the challenges we face.
Keep the faith,
Allison DuBois
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