Dec 19, 2022

Hi. I have had 3 sessions with Allison. The first was a Life Questions reading in 2018. I had been struggling for years with completing a personal goal of completing a doctorate degree. The insights and guidance that Allison provided helped me to finally move through the blockages. I graduated in February 2020.

My husband passed suddenly in the fall of 2020. The Mediumship reading I had the following year in 2021 helped me resolve some unanswered questions I had for my husband. I no longer had to second guess if I was making the correct decisions as Allison was able to share what he cared about and what was no longer important to him.

I had a second Mediumship reading in 2022. Both times I came away feeling much more centered in my life. The information I gained has helped me to navigate through my life more easily. It is a comfort for me to know in my heart that my husband continues to be near me every day even if it is only in spirit.

Allison’s gift to connect to those who have passed, and to share that gift with others, has helped me immensely.


April 3, 2022

My experience with Allison was incredible. She is kind and funny and it feels just like talking to a friend, but a friend that knows the future and can communicate with your dead relatives. Lol. She brought my father through in a way that it felt as though I was talking to him directly. The validations were clear. I recommend this experience to anybody it was amazing and I will never forget it.

Jan 26, 2022

Allison did a reading for me in August 2020, 6 months after I lost my wonderful husband and soul mate. I was torn up over his  passing and she relayed his message to me about that and it made all the difference in the world.
While I still miss him every day just knowing that it was his time and that there was no one to blame or foul play involved has allowed me to breathe again.
I thank God for Allison

May 7, 2021

My reading with Allison was absolutely amazing today and has confirmed and clarified so much for me. I now feel prepared for the next part of my journey and feel ready to move forward with a renewed confidence now. I absolutely love Allison’s style and her straight forward way of delivering all the important information, and her beautiful big heart. She made it all ok and helped me to understand everything on a deeper level.  Much love and gratitude to her and all her staff, you have all made this experience so special for me. 
Love to all, 

March 29, 2021

Dear Allison,

You have no idea the gift you’ve given to me. Your reading exceeded my expectations. I have always believed in your gift. In fact, I used to watch Medium with my late mother & my late husband. I’ve believed in you since day one, and been thankful that those with your gift exist. More so, thankful that some of those with your gift (such as you) choose to use it to help those of us who benefit so much from it.

Meeting with you was easy, and I felt completely comfortable. You passed on things that only my husband could have known, and I felt his energy around when talking with you. It was the only thing I’d wanted since he passed — to feel his energy around me, fully. I loved that you caught on that he was a family man and simultaneously the fun kind of guy you’d go to a Jimmy Buffet concert was. He totally was. The best mix of the two ever! My husband was my soul mate, my life. We formed a life that we loved. Our nine year old daughter grew up with us as the Three Musketeers – we were unbreakable. I still believe that we 3 are unbreakable.

When we signed off of our reading, you mentioned that you thought he’d visit in my dreams. He did. I held him and thanked him for the reading. Although I couldn’t feel his touch, I could see the light shining through his translucent, starry skin. Through his eyes. And a month later, on the first day in over a year that I’d left our engagement ring in my silver ring holder rather than wearing it, I returned to my room to find that he’d pulled it out of the dish and put it on the edge of the table. He was telling me I’d forgotten something. You were right, he wants our rings together. So do I.

Thank you so so much. You’ve given me the gift I’ve needed. I know that he is still here, and we are still combined. It isn’t over; it’s just changed. We are still one – the three of us, really. It’s just very different.

I’ll always be thankful, and always be a believer. I hope that if anyone reads this, who needs it, it gives them the courage to reach out to you. It just may be enough for them to take the next step forward. If I can lose my other half, my heart & soul, and feel him here through you – anyone can. It’s really that simple.

Big Gratitude,

Chanel,   Hello! I had an incredible reading… It was everything I could have hoped for. Allison is not only easy to talk to, she's kind and so knowledgeable. I'm still a little awe struck. Thank you! Chanel
Dear Allison,   You've changed my world forever.  I know you hear this a lot, but no truer words have been spoken.  You gave me a gift that I will cherish forever.  Its only been since April 3, but it feels like a lifetime. This is my beloved and I….  Thank you again.
Andrea I wanted to call you but I have lost your phone number. Thank you so very much for your assistance in getting my appointment with Allison.  You will never know how much her reading means to me. Thanks to your advice in preparing myself and my questions I received almost nonstop information. My hour with Allison was stuffed so full of love and messages I fully expected it to burst with joy. It is …
I just wanted to let you and Allison know that after my reading was done and I listened to the tape, last night I dreamt of my beautiful father.  I hadn't had many dreams of him before and I think having my reading with Allison opened that channel.  I dreamt I came downstairs and my Dad was in the front room and I knew he wasn't alive but yet he was and I just ran …
  Dear Allison,   I am still on ‘cloud 9’ after my reading that you did for me yesterday morning and bringing Mum through. I have listened to the recording (several times!), with my four children, and wanted you to know that they have validated several points that you raised where I may have been unsure. I think this is important for you to know, so that you are reminded that you have such an …
I have just had my reading with Allison and she was so lovely and made me feel relaxed.  I am so pleased with the messages Allison received from my Dad as he answered questions that were worrying me without me even asking. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to receiving my tape. Kind regards Marilyn
Dear Andrea, Just wanted to say how happy I am about my reading with Allison.  I got so much love and reassurance from my Dad, as well as messages and concerns he has about other family members. Thank you both so much!
Thank you so much. It was wonderful being able to talk to Allison today. It was a very happy and moving experience. Kind Regards Anne
"Dear Alison, Thank you for the reading you gave me. I have no doubt I talked with my dad today. I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to reconnect with him. Can't wait to receive the audio recording from today's session." All the best Magda
Dear sweet Allison, I cannot find the right words to thank you enough for our time together today with my heavenly brother Jeff.  You have helped bring a smile to my heart and peace to my soul that I thought were both lost forever.  My sister Ginger and I both will be forever grateful to you. Much, much love and blessings to you and yours now and always.  You are so very special. Jodi
Unfortunately, an appointment with Allison was a little out of Vinnie's price range, but we were happy to send him a list of high quality, less- expensive referrals from Allison herself. Here was his reply:   I think that is such great customer service!!  I will tell people how great you treated me.  I 100% understand that Alison needs to be paid for her time with all the request she has.  To have these referrals …
Written Dec 13th: Thank you A MILLION for getting back to me so quickly. I have done a reading with Allison before, it was a few months ago.  As a result of all that I learned (life changing!!!!!) I am taking a trip to reconnect with family in Europe and wanted to ask a few questions before we go.  If her schedule is tight and I can not get a full hour, a half hour …
Hi Andrea, Joe and Hopefully Allison I wish you could see this smile that I cannot wipe off my face….(actually, Allison probably can!) I’m so thrilled and so happy that I made the choice to seek Allison and get some clarity through her insight. I was especially comfortable Listening to and speaking with Allison as her true self.  Her laugh, her giggles, her lovely demeanour…all brought me such comfort. She provided me with some great …
Testimonial: Marty
What a nice Thanksgiving treat! Thanks so much for sending this and please thank Allison from us. It was wonderful reading (rather emotional one for me), but left me feeling nostalgic of my beautiful grandma and thankful for all my blessings, including her. Hope you and yours have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday and we'll be in touch for future readings, etc. It was truly a pleasure. Thanks again! Warmly, Marty
Testimonial: Nettie
Hello All, My little sister Is ecstatic . Her reading was amazing, a blessing, wonderful! Please thank Alison!!!! We can’t wait to hear the recording! Hope you are feeling better Andrea. Big hugs!!! Nettie Have an amazing day!
Testimonial: Michelle
Hi! I just wanna to say thank you so much for being so helpful and to give a big thank you to Allison for the reading she gave me. It was awesome and she gave me some peace about a few things. I have life questions that I forgot to ask so I’m thinking of scheduling another appointment. Maybe you’ll hear from me soon. Have a good day! Michelle
Testimonial: Kathy
Allison, I can't thank you enough for today, I have no doubt that I talked with my son today, thank you! Kathy
Testimonial: Ray
Hi Allison   Thank you so much for my reading on 7th June – you can’t know how much it meant to me, as a reformed sceptic. Your reading was quite an experience for me, and you can now add another fan to your expanding list of clients. I still don’t understand how you do this – and especially over the phone – but perhaps it’s best I remain ignorant and just have faith in …
Testimonial: Sharon
Hello  Allison:   I just wanted to thank you for the reading.  Since that, I have been able to calm down and let go of things for the first time in 12 years.  Allison, you touched on many things of concern to me and I am grateful for your God given abilities.  Bless you and your staff.   Sharon
Testimonial: Matthew and Sandra
Hi Allison and Joe Thank you so much for your reading of our two sons. After your seminar we felt a lot of connection with many things that you had described to us. For example you spoke about our 19 year old son saving lives after his car accident in 2004. We forgot to mention at the time that he'd donated his organs.  David was an apprentice baker which very much coincided with his love …