Tom McMullan

A professional Astrologer for 33 years, Tom specializes in a psychological and spiritual approach to horoscope analysis. He has helped thousands of clients from all walks of life to increase awareness, improve relationships, create self-empowerment, and uncover hidden talents and potential.

Duffy McMahon

Duffy McMahon is a therapist who helps people with many personal issues with her expertise and warm personality. She enjoys taking people on a life journey through past life regression, so they can better understand their feelings.

Diane Goldner

Diane Goldner is a well-known healer with decades of experience in energy work. She’s published books sharing her process in healing techniques, as well as her encounters with those she’s helped. One of her strengths is helping couples with infertility issues to become pregnant.

Stepping Stones of Hope

How do you reach out to a child who has experienced the death of someone they love? How does an adult family member explore and cope with grief, yet still support a child’s loss?

Stepping Stones of Hope provides an opportunity to answer these questions during our many programs designed for kids, teens, adults and families.

From First Steps support group to our One Day At Camp and a variety of weekend, overnight camps, our programs reach out to children, teens and adults in separate, synergistic settings that have been designed to provide a nurturing, expressive, creative and fun environment for healing to transpire.