The Dead Life podcast takes you into the world of the after-life.

I started my podcast so I can reach more people and open people’s minds to life after death; helping listeners to tap into their own abilities.

My show focuses on teaching listeners everything I know about the dead, interviewing people who have insight into the afterlife and our own soul’s journey.

Each week I will be talking to guests touched by death and find out what they’ve learned about the afterlife. I’ll also chat with those who are gifted at looking into people’s souls and their futures to help listeners understand their own gifts.

Energy Shakeup
On today's episode of The Dead Life, I want to take a look at the energy that's been holding us back, making many sensitives feel …
Earth Magick
On today's episode of The Dead Life, we'll be talking about tarot cards, crystals, and herbs! I'm sitting down with Margaret Jamison who just joined …
A Child’s Tears
This week on the Dead Life, we'll be hearing from you, my listeners, who have questions about the supernatural, the afterlife, anything that may be …
What is a Soul?
On today’s episode of the Dead Life, I’m sitting down with professor Lance Gharavi from Arizona State University. We will be discussing his work and …
Dark Dreams
Today, on The Dead Life, I'll be answering your questions. My listeners have chimed in and I'm going to answer their calls! Many of my …
What’s New in Death
Today you'll be hearing from Cody Spradlin, a friend of the show, making areturn as my guest to talk to us about what's new in …

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