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Dream On Part 2

This is Part 2 of my discussion with my very special guest, Tarron Estes! She’s a Dream Interpreter, a Death Doula, and a teacher of Death Doulas who has spent her life helping the dying as well as helping people to uses their own special gifts. Have you ever had a strange dream and wondered what those dreams mean? Well, of course, we all have! So, I asked my listeners to call in over the last few weeks about unusual dreams they’ve had and today, Tarron’s going to give her impressions of what those dreams mean.
If you want to leave me a message that might be shared on a future episode of The Dead Life and my Love Me, Love Me Not segment, leave it at
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Tarron Estes

Welcome, I’m Tarron Estes, Founder of the Conscious Dying Institute, Boulder Colorado . I am an End Of Life Educator, Radiant Dreamers Facilitator, and Best Three Months Planner, a process to understand what matters most in all Five Domains of life.

I designed and created “Conscious Dying Coach, Sacred Passage Doula and Conscious Dying Educator Certificates. Over 5000 students have engaged in these end of life education courses who now work serving others who need end of life care and support.

Angel of Mercy

Today on The Dead Life, I want to talk about the scary part of LIFE, dying. Why are we afraid to die? Is it because it’s the unknown? Is it because it’s one of the rare times in life that we’re forced to go it alone?

Today’s guest is Lynn Principe. She’s a Death Doula, she helps people to transition from this life to the next. She knows better than most people what dying looks like. Today, we’re going to hear her experiences and some of you may find a personal calling to become a Death Doula, she’ll tell you how you can become a “crossing guard for the dying.

Lynn Principe

Lynn Principe is a certified Death Doula, Conscious Dying Coach and Educator, a “crossing guard for the dying, as well as a Lifecycle Celebrant. She works to initiate conversations about end of life and to serve in returning death to its sacred place in life. She’s located in Dunedin,Fl.

Megan King

This week on The Dead Life, we will hear from a woman who’s a Millenial, a Massive social media Influencer, and a Spiritualist. Tom McMullan and I talk about the Boomer generation, and Gen X astrology on the show, but we rarely go in depth on getting to know the Millenial generation. Many people, think of them as the generation of, unicorns, 11th place trophy winners, who are a bit whiney and who live with their parents too long, but there’s more to them than that. And, if you’re a Millenial and that offended you, just know that there’s a lot of you out there, who are tougher than that, who are sarcastic, who have a sense of humor, and we’re proud of your passion. So, I thought that it’s about time that we check-in with someone who grew-up Millenial, and take a deep dive into 30 Something Spirituality.
Meghan King is a stunning tough cookie, a single mom with a big heart, and a spiritual center. Let’s get to know her, find out what she’s learned on her spiritual journey, and what she hopes to teach others about loving themselves.

Meghan King
Meghan King

Meghan King is a no-nonsense blogger, podcaster, social media, and television personality. MK takes everyday, mundane or even anxiety-ridden events and transforms them into hilarious and relatable quick reads in her blogs. She isn’t afraid to explore untouchable subjects in a way that makes reading about them feel liberating. Recently featured on the Tamron Hall show, Meghan King is an activist, fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, differently abled individuals, and women everywhere. Together with By Grace, King single-handedly raised funds to build a sewing center in South Africa allowing single mothers an opportunity to learn a skill to financially empower them to leave damaging domestic situations. King is also the President of Gaia Haven Wellness, women’s growth retreats rooted in self-empowerment through spirituality and introspective awareness. And ever the comedienne, King brings a lighthearted but relatable touch to sex from a women’s perspective in her podcast, Intimate Knowledge with IHeartRadio, where nothing is off-limits. In 2023 King announced she is committed to removing all filters from social media going forward in an effort to normalize living authentically.

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