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A brief description of each episode of ‘The Dead Life’ podcast.

Kindergarten Mediums

I received a voicemail from a listener asking about her 3-year-old granddaughter’s abilities. I realize that my experiences growing up with abilities is not necessarily how other people grew up. Having raised three daughters who share my gift, I know how to talk to small children who see the dead. I called the listener to discuss if this could be an inherited trait in their family. Be sure to listen to the end of the show, I share tips for gifted young kids and teens that I have developed throughout my life.


September 8, 2020 on The Dead Life podcast, I’ll be talking about Soulmates and my new book Love Can’t Tell Time. My special guest is my soulmate, my husband Joe DuBois. We’ll discuss soulmates, our lives and how he felt about my television show MEDIUM and the chapter in my new book (Love Can’t Tell Time) titled “Joe’s Not Dead”.

Beating Cancer and Winning the Crown

September 1, 2020 episode, Allison’s guest is Arpi Hamilton, the current reigning Mrs. Arizona America. Arpi received a terminal triple negative breast cancer diagnosis, yet fought back to not only survive, but to go on and be crowned Mrs. Arizona! She relentlessly advocates for cancer patients and helps them find the treatment they need.

Arpi Hamilton
Arpi Hamilton

Mrs. Arizona America 2020

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