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A brief description of each episode of ‘The Dead Life’ podcast.

What to Expect, Winter 2021

This week on the Dead Life, I’m talking with Tom McMullan, astrologer extraordinaire. We are talking about the next three months and what the planetary aspects are telling us as we close out the year.

Tom McMullan
Tom McMullan

As a professional Astrologer for 33 years, Tom has helped over a thousand clients from all walks of life increase awareness, improve relationships, create self-empowerment, and uncover hidden talents and potential. He specializes in a psychological and spiritual approach to horoscope analysis.

Dear Dad

This week on The Dead Life, we’ll be talking about a reading I did at my Scottsdale event for a young man named Jordan. There are two reasons I wanted to take a closer look at his reading. One, is to talk about his Aquarius energy, and the other is to help my listeners understand how people receive information in readings differently.
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National Daughter Day

On today’s show, I’m going to share one of my readings with you from Last Saturday’s Scottsdale event. As with most of my events and I mean 99% of my events a theme forms. It was no surprise that on National Daughter Day, most of the readings ended up being bringing through dad’s for their daughters who were still healing.
Thank you to all who attended my Scottsdale event, you were a great audience. My Dallas event has been postponed to Saturday, February 12. We’re excited to come to The Lone Star state and I can’t wait to put some smiles on your faces!

My Dad and I
Sophia, Aurora, Me, Fallon, and Joe
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