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A brief description of each episode of ‘The Dead Life’ podcast.

Near Death Experience

Today on The Dead Life, you’ll be hearing from Jacob Cooper. At the age of 3 he had a near-death experience that served as the life force behind his spiritual evolution. Today he practices the alignment of mind body and spirit, to help others ‘fine tune’ their lives. He is the best-selling author of the book “Life After Breath” a memoir of his near-death experience.
You can follow me @mediumallison on Instagram, on my FB Fan Page, on my YouTube channel and you can see me LIVE in Dallas, TX on February 12th, for ticket information go to allisondubois.com.

Jacob Cooper
Jacob Cooper

At the age of three, Jacob had a near-death experience that shaped his life. Today, Jacob is using his experience and transformative encounters to help others manage emotional barriers, promoting improved wellness, and resiliency. He incorporates mindfulness and a spiritual approach to focus on the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. In effect, this teaches individuals how to improve their cognitive processing and shift their perspectives.

Angel Of The Hospice 2

On today’s episode of The Dead Life, we’ll be hearing from Kim Copeland. She has over 20 years experience as a hospice RN and energy medicine practitioner! She co-authored the book “The Last Breath” she’s here with me today to share her story with us!

You can follow me on Instagram @mediumallison, on my FB Fan Page, on my YouTube channel and you can see me LIVE in Dallas, TX on February 12th, for ticket information go to allisondubois.com!
Kim, welcome to The Dead Life!

Kim Copeland
Kim Copeland

Kim Copeland, RN has over 20 years as a hospice RN and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She has walked between the worlds with countless clients, witnessing an array of spiritual supportive helpers who assist with transition from the other side. Her mediumship developed from her work in hospice and Energy Medicine. She is passionate about assisting clients discover love, support and healing from their spiritual guides and departed loved ones. Kim has worked in Colorado, Oregon and now Texas in the hospice world, 1997 to present. She is co author of “The Last Breath” “True stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife and Messages from Heaven. YT channel: MediumKim.com; Website: www.MediumKim.com, Kim offers messages from loved ones, angels, guides and pets, and teaches intuitive development classes History: RN since 1994, started hospice in 1997. Was drawn to hospice for the holistic approach to healing and that they use animal therapy. My first hospice job in Pikes Peak Hospice, Colorado Springs, CO: I was able to use Healing Touch and Shamanism with my hospice patients. It was my first job that I noticed patients talking to unseen others. I had already studied shamanism, Healing Touch and massage therapy before hospice, so I was already open to the spirit world. During my hospice career I did a deep dive study of Energy Medicine and that is when I started seeing angels and departed loved ones around my clients on the table and at the bedside of hospice patients. I have continued to study hospice, mediumship, and healing to this day. More focus on mediumship and healing these days, working a few days a month in hospice still. Currently I have a YT channel, called “MediumKim” with hospice, energy medicine and healing. Also teach Healing with Color, Color classes for intuitive development, autographs and my newest class I am teaching “Rocks and Feathers” Using tools of the Shaman and Medium.

Show Me Heaven

On today’s episode of The Dead Life, we’re talking about what the dead say heaven looks like. What do you think heaven is? What do we look like in the ethereal? I’m going to share with you what I’m shown in readings. Let me tell you what your loved ones say it looks like, on the otherside of the veil.
You can follow me on Instagram @mediumallison or on my FB Fan Page. Check out my videos on my YouTube channel or catch me LIVE in Dallas, TX. On February 12th, for more information go to AllisonDuBois.com.

Today, my cuddle buddy, and favorite guest, my husband Joe DuBois, thanks for joining me in studio!

Before we get started I wanted to address Instagram and my umpteenth imposter/catfish. Instagram can’t seem to verify me, even though FB and Twitter did over a decade ago! This is very frustrating for public figures because we don’t like seeing our fans hurt by a scammer. If you are ever Dmd on social media by me offering readings, it’s a fraud. I NEVER reach out for readings. In 20-years of being a professional medium, I’ve never done that.

Joe DuBois
Joe DuBois

Joe DuBois has been Allison’s husband since 1993. Throughout these years, not only has he worked as an aerospace engineer designing spacecraft, he has also been right beside Allison, supporting her career with technical and emotional support.

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