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Love Can’t Tell Time: Why Love Never Dies

Love Can't Tell Time (book cover)

My newest book! I have had the privilege of connecting tens of thousands of people with their lost loved ones around the world. I have been invited into people’s lives and experienced their stories of loss. It is not all tragedy though. There is a recurring theme of people having forever, love connections, whether they are family members, friends or couples; some call themselves Soulmates.

These loving relationships do not end. Love Can’t Tell Time is a collection of heartfelt stories shared by my clients, and then from my unique take on the readings. We can all learn something about living a better life from people who already have.

Into the Dark: Life Through the Eyes of the Dead

ITD_171x269Into the Dark” is a first hand account of what happens to us when we die. Allison DuBois walks her readers through death as described by ‘those who live again’. Although death may seem like a dark, quiet, empty place to be, once you …

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   go into the dark you will find out that death has a lot of color, and a pulse! Through her ability to communicate directly with the dead, Allison DuBois relays the wants, desires and experiences of the deceased. The dead have their own world, but it is important to them to also remain a part of ours.

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