Welcome to Dead University! I’m Allison DuBois your Paranormal Professor, my intent in creating this awesome classroom full of magic makers (I call my students, “magic makers” because of the limitless power inside of them all) is to teach people how to strengthen their abilities and understand the dead better.

Having a gift is nothing to be afraid of, I want to help you to see the dead from a new perspective, one that brings you closer to them. My online pre-recorded video class consists of 10 lessons and a final exam! You will also get one year of access to my private chat forum where I will be answering questions about the lessons. The final is for your personal knowledge to gauge how strong you are in distinguishing the dead from the living.

Throughout this course, I will share with you everything I’ve learned about being a medium and a profiler from my point of view. I will push you to challenge yourselves and your gifts as far as you’ve ever been pushed before! When you are done with my course you will have more mediumship knowledge and life direction than you did before. Whether you decide to become a professional medium or not, you’ll know how to control your gifts and create boundaries with the living and the dead.

I look forward to mentoring you and taking you on a spiritual journey you won’t soon forget!