Are you interested in what heaven is like? Do you want to know how to hear messages from the Otherside? Do you want to hear life-changing stories from people who I have read? All of these and more are in my books. I have included descriptions of each below:

Love Can't Tell Time: Why Love Never Dies

My newest book! I have had the privilege of connecting tens of thousands of people with their lost loved ones around the world. I have been invited into people’s lives and experienced their stories of loss. It is not all tragedy though. There is a recurring...Read More »

Into the Dark: Life Through the Eyes of the Dead

Into the Dark” is a first hand account of what happens to us when we die. Allison DuBois walks her readers through death as described by ‘those who live again’. Although death may seem like a dark, quiet, empty place to be, once you …

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Talk to Me: What the Dead Whisper in Your Ear

How do I do it? What’s it like to hear the dead? This is how I start this book, and then I go through many examples of what it is like. I also discuss how to help children who have the ability.

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Secrets of the Monarch

In SECRETS OF THE MONARCH, Allison explains that if you want to understand life, you must understand death. She shows readers how communicating with the dead has taught her important lessons about life and how people can apply these principles to …

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We Are Their Heaven

With the success of the television series Medium and her first book, Don’t Kiss Them Good-bye, millions of people have embraced Allison, her story, and her remarkable gift. The idea for We Are Their Heaven was born out of the pieces …

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Don't Kiss Them Good-bye

“Death is a funny thing. It brings out the best and worst in people. It casts light on the truth and makes life blindingly clear.” Her visions have helped solve crimes; her instincts have helped find missing people; she can predict future events and sense your thoughts.

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