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  • May Forecast 2018
    by Tom McMullan on April 30, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    MAY FORECAST 2018        With Pluto and Mars together in Capricorn, we start off this month with tremendous energy to get things done. This can be a very productive time for anyone who is trying to construct anything. But on the dark side, it can be used to destruct things also. If something in your … Continue reading "May Forecast 2018" […]

  • April Forecast 2018
    by Tom McMullan on April 5, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    APRIL FORECAST 2018        Mercury continues its retrograde motion for the first two weeks of this month. Its placement in the sign of impulsive action, Aries, makes its reverse movement even more frustrating than usual. Even harder still is its challenging  aspect to Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. No matter how hard you try and … Continue reading "April Forecast 2018" […]

  • March Forecast 2018
    by Tom McMullan on February 28, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    March Forecast 2018        There are four planets currently traveling through the sign of Pisces, including the Sun. On the first day of March, the Moon will be full, meaning it will be in the opposite sign of Virgo making an opposition to the Sun and the other planets. If you have been feeling lost, … Continue reading "March Forecast 2018" […]


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Where to Get Sage and Sweetgrass

I often get sage and sweetgrass at Whole Foods. You can also order on Amazon in either a kit that includes a shell and a turkey feather, or just the Sage and Sweetgrass. Keep reading for links to some of my favorite products.

For Amazon ordering, I would be partial to the Native American Lavender sage because it Native American made right here in Arizona.

Preparing Your New Home

Have you just bought a new home and want to start fresh? Do you feel like your current home or office is in need of a refresh? Smudging provides a spiritual cleanse of the house. I do this about once a month. Burning the sage is the important first step, but may people forget the second step that is just as important. Please watch this video and I will go through both steps.

Advice for Gifted Teens (part 2)

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