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Yes, I am the Allison DuBois that the TV show ‘Medium’ was based upon.

My story started well before the show.

I launched this website back in 2003 with my husband, Joe, as the webmaster. My original welcome remark says it all.

“Hi my name is Allison DuBois, welcome to my website. I belong to a new generation of mediums who are out to break old stereotypes that put a negative spin on people with mediumship abilities. I call things like I see them and I am not afraid to push the boundaries of my abilities. I pride myself on accuracy and bringing closure to people who have lost loved ones.

My website is designed to help bring clarity to people in their sometimes complicated lives. Also, I provide information for people who have noticed their own abilities and have questions that need to be answered.”

Through the years I have kept the same goals. I have added a newsletter and video blogs and a shopping cart, but in the end it is still about helping people.

Patricia Arquette and Allison DuBois during the shooting of the Pilot of Medium

The TV show was a great success too! With 130 episodes and 7 seasons. It is showing on every continent around the world.

It was quite an experience to see my life played out on TV. Now it is a new experience to watch the re-runs, 11 years later.

Please take some time, watch the videos and read the FAQs. I am constantly adding content to help achieve the goal of helping people.

-Allison DuBois

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Video FAQ Playlist

This is a series of 11 video FAQs that I have filmed over the last few years. They will play one after another. If you prefer, click on the video button above and each video is listed seperately.

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Phoenix Seminar Readings

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There are some questions that I hear more than others. Some questions I don’t hear often, but they are thought provoking. I answer many of these in my books. I have selected a few to answer here.

Memories from the Otherside

Lately when I do readings the deceased say, “Even though you don’t see making memories with me anymore, I’m still making them with you. When you die, you’ll flash back to all you did after I died and see me there laughing with you as I really was. On birthdays,...Read More »

Do pets cross?

Yes, anything that lived that you loved is waiting for you when you die. I talk about losing a cat of mine in “Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye”. Pets can be like family and I’ve seen many come through in readings often.

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If the deceased doesn't contact me

does that mean that they don’t love me?

No, people who are grieving are often blocked by pain and the deceased has to find another way to contact them, through a friend etc. Sometimes it’s just a matter of time. As I describe in my book “Don’t Kiss Them...Read More »

Is there a Hell?

I go in depth on this topic in my book, “We Are Their Heaven”.

Basically, there is a hell, a personal hell. When a person dies who’s innately bad and they have no remorse for crimes against humanity they find themselves separate from those who loved and were...Read More »

Can I develop my own psychic abilities?

How can I learn about my premonitions and develop my own psychic abilities?

I recommend a book called, “Opening to Channel: How to Connect with your Guide” by Sanaya Roman

It’s a great resource for understanding how to grow as a human being with heightened senses. I also tell people...Read More »


Each month astrologer Tom McMullan shares his forecast. This will help you to prepare for what is to come in the coming month.

April 2017 Forecast


Venus has been retrograde in Aries this past month making us look at our actions regarding relationships. On the 3rd of April it will continue to move in reverse and enter compassionate Pisces. This is either a suffer in love or serve in love dynamic. With Mars in...Read More »

March 2017 Forecast


  The first day of this month has the Sun come to the exact degree of Neptune in Pisces. This highlights creativity, sensitivity, delusion and illusion. This can be a very mystical energy or just getting lost in dreamland.
With Mars making a favorable aspect to studious Saturn in...Read More »

February 2017 Forecast


It seems as though the month of February marks a time of romance. Valentines Day falls in the middle of the month and with Mars and Venus conjunct in Aries during the first two weeks, Cupid will be shooting love arrows like crazy. It’s a good time to take...Read More »

January 2017 Forecast


In Numerology 2017 is a one year, meaning new beginnings and creativity. The stars align with this meaning also. This first month of the New Year has a powerful aspect between Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter starting off things with a bang. If you have a creative idea, let someone...Read More »

December 2016 Forecast


This month shows a tight favorable aspect between planets that don’t seem to get along normally. Saturn is the planet of strict rules of government as they exist and Uranus is the planet of progressive change against the rules that exist. Since they are forming a nice trine to...Read More »

November 2016 Forecast


It’s not surprising that hidden information is coming to the surface at this time with the Sun and Mercury conjunct in secretive Scorpio. If you are trying to withhold information from someone or being deceived in some way, it will be revealed during this month.
With Venus and...Read More »

October 2016 Forecast


Relationships will be highlighted this month with the signs of Libra and Scorpio being the most dominant. The first day of October gives us the Sun, Moon and Jupiter hanging out together in social Libra. This initiates a month where social engagements are taking focus. There will be...Read More »

September 2016 Forecast


There will be a solar eclipse on the 1st day of the month in Virgo. It will make a t-square to Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. Solar eclipses always represent endings and new beginnings. Since the energy of Virgo is one of service, we must ask ourselves,...Read More »

August 2016 Forecast


 There is a new Moon in Leo on the 2nd to start off the month. It has a nice aspect to Saturn, making us feel important and taking on leadership positions. Don’t fear making decisions, especially if you know what you want is doable and can be accomplished.
Mars...Read More »

July 2016 Forecast


July starts of with a difficult opposition between Venus and Pluto. Others may try to control you against your will. Be careful how you react to your relationship’s demands. This energy causes separations. If there is not a compromise to be had between you and someone else, the relationship...Read More »

June 2016 Forecast

Communication and information are the theme for this month. We will be bombarded by information coming at us to challenge what we believe. The New Moon on the 4th next to the Sun and Venus in Gemini stirs up debates all around. There will be a stress filled...Read More »

May 2016 Forecast

If sudden upsets ruled last month, then stability and practicality take over this month. The Sun in Taurus is in a favorable relationship with Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs. We should see solid growth in real estate and investments in natural commodities. This would be a good time to...Read More »

April 2016 Forecast

Be careful of accidents in the first few days of the month when Mercury and Uranus challenge the Moon and Pluto. Overreacting to emotions can have bad consequences with this combination. On the positive side, Mercury and Uranus in Aries can give you sudden insight and flashes of new ideas.Read More »

March 2016 Forecast

Well this is going to be a watery and dreamy month with a stellium of planets in Pisces. Mercury enters Pisces on the 5th and there will be a solar eclipse in Pisces on the 8th. Emotions will be strong as will the tendency to get lost and distracted. Be...Read More »

February 2016 Forecast

The month starts off with Venus and Mercury conjunct Pluto in serious Capricorn the first week. Relationships take on an intense focus right now and because they all square Uranus in heated Aries, arguments will arise. Be careful what you say in the heat of an argument because, you just...Read More »

January 2016 Forecast

It’s time to make your plans and set your goals for this New Year. The Sun in ambitious Capricorn is conjunct with Pluto, making this a great combination to structurally build what it is you wish to obtain this year. We will experience the last tight orb between Pluto and...Read More »


Jaena MoynihanI have invited Jaena from to provide a monthly inspirational message. We can all use a little inspiration once in a while. Jaena is a good friend of mine and I have always noticed that she can lighten a room and provide a meaningful thought. She finds her own personal inspiration from many sources that I am sure she will share with you. You can use these thoughts to start your own personal meditation.


5 Ways to Connect with Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Hey, Loves! I hope you’re having a fabulous month so far! 🙂

April reminds me of many delightful things, including:

  • Springtime
  • Renewal & Rebirth
  • Cleansing
  • Easter
  • Bunnies!

There’s also a couple of highly-significant anniversaries for me in April, one not exactly “delightful”:

  1. The day I quit my job to be a self-employed spiritual entrepreneur
  2. The day my father passed away (which comes...Read More »

How To Create Your Own Luck

Happy March, #DuCrew!

That’s the current nickname in my head for friends, fans and family of Allison DuBois LOL

I hope the month is going well for you so far!

adore March; it’s my birth month! Not only that, it’s right next to the Spring Equinox, which always makes me think of cleansing, renewal...Read More »

Meet Jaena + 5 Ways to Slay Your Self-Care

Hey Loves!

I’m Allison’s friend, Jaena Moynihan. I was so excited when she invited me to join you on her site to share a few of my inspirational nuggets with her community! We’ve known each other for years and there’s a lot of love between us, so what better time to start than February, the...Read More »