This is the official and only place to find information on readings and educational classes. Be sure to check back often for updates on podcast episodes, and new Dead University content!

Check out my daily posts on Instagram @mediumallison (Check the spelling to avoid a scammers page). I have ONLY 1 Instagram page spelled exactly the way it is here.


I do not Direct Message (DM) people on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media to offer a reading. The ONLY way to get on the list for a reading is through this website or directly emailing [email protected].

The scammers will claim to be me and tell you that you need a reading through social media, I do not schedule readings this way. DO NOT send them money through a cash app, Zelle, etc. most of these scammers are from foreign countries so getting your money back can be challenging.

When we book readings, I have my scheduling assistant call you to discuss what you can expect in a reading, see what your needs are, and help determine if it is the right time for you to have a reading. There are two different types of readings, “Life” readings, that usually focus on career, relationships, your children, parents, health, etc. Or, “Mediumship” where I bring through the loved one you lost and want to connect with. Some people book for both, and others just need one of those options. Right now, my list is long, so readings are often scheduled a few months after they are requested. Unless you have a flexible schedule and then you can fill a time slot that someone had to reschedule. This increases your chance of being read much sooner.

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