Today on The Dead Life, I want to talk about the scary part of LIFE, dying. Why are we afraid to die? Is it because it’s the unknown? Is it because it’s one of the rare times in life that we’re forced to go it alone?

Today’s guest is Lynn Principe. She’s a Death Doula, she helps people to transition from this life to the next. She knows better than most people what dying looks like. Today, we’re going to hear her experiences and some of you may find a personal calling to become a Death Doula, she’ll tell you how you can become a “crossing guard for the dying.

Lynn Principe

Lynn Principe is a certified Death Doula, Conscious Dying Coach and Educator, a “crossing guard for the dying, as well as a Lifecycle Celebrant. She works to initiate conversations about end of life and to serve in returning death to its sacred place in life. She’s located in Dunedin,Fl.