Today, on The Dead Life, you’ll be hearing from Karen Anderson a Pet Psychic and retired Deputy Sheriff! She’s going to tell us about her work communicating with deceased pets for clients, and her latest book, The Pet I Can’t Forget. She also is the CEO of Painted Rain Ranch Animal Sanctuary- A Final refuge for Pets No One Else Wants. I know that many of my listeners have lost beloved pets. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson is an esteemed author known for her heartwarming and insightful books that explore the afterlife of animals and the profound connections we share with our beloved companions.
As an animal communicator with over 26 years of experience, Karen has written three best-selling books, including “The Pet I Can’t Forget,” “The Amazing Afterlife of Animals,” and “Hear All Creatures”.
Karen has established herself as a trusted voice in animal spirituality. Her books are filled with powerful and life-changing messages from departed pets drawn from actual sessions she has conducted.
In addition to her writing, Karen offers courses and coaching for individuals seeking to enhance their intuition and animal communication abilities.
Her dedication to spreading love and understanding between humans and animals extends to her non-profit organization, the Painted Rain Ranch Animal Sanctuary, which supports rescuing the pets no one else wants and providing a final refuge until their last breath.