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The Great “8” 2024 Predictions

This week on The Dead Life, I’m excited to welcome Sue Frederick, a Numerologist and the author of 11 books! She’s been practicing Numerology for over 40 years! And, she’s going to explain to us how numbers carry energy and can help you navigate your life. Today, we’ll take a look at 2024 and Sue will tell us what this “8” year, may hold for us!
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Sue Frederick

Rev. Sue Frederick is an ordained Unity Minister, clairaudient, Soul Regression Therapist, and master numerologist. She channels messages and prayers from the angelic realm and receives wisdom from guides to help people heal grief and find purpose. She uses Sacred Numerology and mystical information in her books and teachings.

Rev Sue Frederick is the author of 11 books, including Through a Divine Lens: Practices to Quiet Your Ego and Align with Your Soul and The Sacred Numerology Workbook. As a student of numerology since 1980, she brings a deeply enlightened perspective to using numbers as navigational guidance tools for deciphering the soul’s journey.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Today on The Dead Life, we’re talking about the energy that’s going on right now. Where is the friction coming from? There’s so much discord in the world, why? We’ll take a deep dive into what’s going on in Israel and people’s differing ideologies. Tom McMullan my resident Astrologer, will join me.
If you want to leave me a message that might be shared on a future episode of The Dead Life, leave it at 802-332-3811.

Tom McMullan

As a professional Astrologer for 33 years, Tom has helped over a thousand clients from all walks of life increase awareness, improve relationships, create self-empowerment, and uncover hidden talents and potential. He specializes in a psychological and spiritual approach to horoscope analysis.

I Died, and I’m Sorry


Welcome to The Dead Life! There are so many questions about the paranormal and life after death, SO, we’ll unpack some more questions today called in by my listeners. One woman wants to know if the dead can make amends with children after death? Another, can a deceased mother set her other children straight now so they treat their sibling better?

Joe DuBois

Joe DuBois has been Allison’s husband since 1993. Throughout these years, not only has he worked as an aerospace engineer designing spacecraft, he has also been right beside Allison, supporting her career with technical and emotional support.

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