This week on The Dead Life my special guest is Chad Greulach, he’s a veteran Executive Producer and Show Runner based in Los Angeles he’s launched shows such as American Chopper, Gene Simmons Family Jewels and Hardcore Pawn! I’ve been working with Chad to bring the show I envisioned doing for the last 15-years to you. I want to help the families of the dead, who lost their loved ones tragically, to begin to move through their grief and heal.
Buried Emotions: When the Dead Speak, brings you the story of a young man who was murdered. You will meet his family and hear his story. We filmed this episode during the pandemic so you will see me conduct a reading from a different state than the family of the deceased live in. I don’t know who I’m reading, how he died, or any details of his life and death, I only had a picture of the person that I was bringing through to draw energy from. You can watch Buried Emotions: When the Dead Speak at YouTube/MediumAllison.
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Chad Greulach
Chad Greulach

A veteran Executive Producer and Showrunner who is based in Los Angeles whose credits include the launches of American Chopper, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and Hardcore Pawn. As an executive, he served as SVP Programming at Los Angeles-based Asylum Entertainment prior to his role as in-house Executive Producer at Discovery Channel. Additional credits include Music Moguls, Bering Sea Gold, Gone Country, Coaching Bad, Criss Angel: Believe, Speed Is The New Black, and Truck Hunters (with Ford Motor Company). Chad is owner and Chief Creative Officer at Los Angeles-based, Disruptor Studios.

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