On this week’s episode of The Dead Life, I’ll be interviewing the producer, interviewer, and force behind the Amazon Prime series Life to AfterLife: I’ve Died, Now What? I was one of the mediums interviewed for his series. I was interested to see how some of us agreed on life after death and how some of us see it slightly differently. Today you’ll be hearing from Craig about what he’s learned from his work and how it’s changed how he lives his life. We’re going to take an in-depth look at life after death, communicating with the dead, and hearing what the dead want us to know.

Craig McMahon
Craig McMahon

Craig McMahon is an AfterLife expert and inventor of Spirit Radio. Craig’s life changed course when his brother died at the very young age of 18 in a car accident and his other brother died from suicide. That’s when Craig turned his life into a pursuit of spiritual growth, learning how we can gain insights from spirits to enhance our lives. He is best known for producing and hosting the Life to AfterLife film series on Amazon Prime. Craig recently conducted interviews on Spirit Radio with some top Hollywood stars who have passed. When he is not hosting and directing creative endeavors, he spends time with his wife and their rescue dogs in their Arizona home.

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