On this week’s episode of The Dead Life, I’m talking to a mother that I recently read. Her daughter passed away and she wants to help other parents who’ve lost children to move through their grief and heal. We’ll talk about her loss and what she’s learned about life after death.

I’ve read many parents over the last 20 years who’ve lost children in various ways. The pain in their voices and the ache in their hearts motivates me to do my best to help their children communicate with them, in order to alleviate some of their parents’ heartache. I do this by acting as a liaison between the children and their parents, trying to bridge the gap that death creates. By helping to adjust the living’s perspective on death, it seems to bring the parents back to the world of the living, so they can finish walking their path in this lifetime. I assure them that their children will be walking right beside them throughout the rest of their lives until they are reunited in death. You only have to say good-bye once and then, never again.