Have you ever stayed at a hotel or walked into a house that felt haunted? Many people have experienced a presence, heard a voice, felt someone sit on the edge of their bed or felt a cold spot in a room. There are different reasons that ghosts stay, sometimes ghosts stay because they love or are fond of someone in the house. Sometimes they hang around because they like to be around living people in general. Many times they’re attached to the house or building because they lived their best days there so it’s sentimental to them or they’re waiting for a living person to hear them and pass on their messages. Human emotions leave impressions on objects and in places, that are still there long after the person has died.

My guest on the show is the incomparable Gretchen Bonaduce, she is currently the proprietor of the haunted Greenway Manor Bed and Breakfast in Bisbee, AZ. Who better to talk about haunted houses with?

Gretchen Bonaduce
Gretchen Bonaduce

Television producer, author of the book Surviving Agent Orange: And Other Things I Learned From Being Thrown Under the Partridge Family Bus, lead singer of the band The Fatal 80s, bubbly proprietor of the historical Greenway Manor (built 1908) in Bisbee, Arizona that she’s turned into a bed and breakfast.

Gretchen has lived an extraordinary life indeed. She has provided the full details in her autobiography.

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Upon first seeing the manor, you will notice it’s early 20th-century craftsmanship and many rooms. It already seems a little spooky.

Gretched Bonaduce at Greenway Manor

Once inside, Gretchen’s warm welcome will put you at ease. Each guest room has a different rock’n’roll theme, but the common areas are all immaculately restored originals.