On this week’s podcast, I’ll be speaking with the hilarious comedian Jill Kimmel about the pets she loves and what happens to them when they die. Many people reach out to me wanting to know what happens to our pets and will they see them again one day? I’ve experienced many pets in the 10s of thousands of readings I’ve conducted over the last 20 years. I’ll share some of those stories with you along with personal experiences I’ve had with pets that I’ve lost.

As promised in the podcast, above is a photo of Jill’s adorable Sonny and below is my Daisy Mae.


Jill was not lying, Sonny is adorable!

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae in all of her glory!

Jill Kimmel
Jill Kimmel

This hilarious mother of teenagers has brought her observations about divorce, dating, and raising kids on five overseas tours for the military, is the writer and star of the, “What A Mouth” Facebook video series, was recently cast on Comedy’s Central’s “Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City”, and performed at Montreal’s 2018 Just For Laughs festival. Check out her schedule for upcoming appearances at www.JillKimmel.com.