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I just wanted to let you and Allison know that after my reading was done and I listened to the tape, last night I dreamt of my beautiful father.  I hadn’t had many dreams of him before and I think having my reading with Allison opened that channel.  I dreamt I came downstairs and my Dad was in the front room and I knew he wasn’t alive but yet he was and I just ran up to him and hugged and hugged him. Dream didn’t last long but it felt so real so please thank Allison, if it wasn’t for her reading I may not have dreamt of him.
Wishing you both all the best.


I have just had my reading with Allison and she was so lovely and made me feel relaxed.  I am so pleased with the messages Allison received from my Dad as he answered questions that were worrying me without me even asking.
Thanks for all your help and I look forward to receiving my tape.
Kind regards


Dear Andrea,

Just wanted to say how happy I am about my reading with Allison.  I got so much love and reassurance from my Dad, as well as messages and concerns he has about other family members.
Thank you both so much!
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