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Andrea I wanted to call you but I have lost your phone number. Thank you so very much for your assistance in getting my appointment with Allison.  You will never know how much her reading means to me.

Thanks to your advice in preparing myself and my questions I received almost nonstop information. My hour with Allison was stuffed so full of love and messages I fully expected it to burst with joy.
It is an unforgettable measure of time that is encapsulated by light and love and separated from the rest of time.  I will always cherish it.

Thank you and bless you, Diane


I just wanted to let you and Allison know that after my reading was done and I listened to the tape, last night I dreamt of my beautiful father.  I hadn’t had many dreams of him before and I think having my reading with Allison opened that channel.  I dreamt I came downstairs and my Dad was in the front room and I knew he wasn’t alive but yet he was and I just ran up to him and hugged and hugged him. Dream didn’t last long but it felt so real so please thank Allison, if it wasn’t for her reading I may not have dreamt of him.
Wishing you both all the best.


Thank you so much. It was wonderful being able to talk to Allison today. It was a very happy and moving experience.

Kind Regards


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