For Merchandise:

  1. All sales final after item has shipped.
  2. If you receive a damaged item, we will replace it for free, including shipping.

For Services:

  1. Our business is based on our reputation. We will do our best to make things go as smoothly as possible by setting expectations early. Part of this is the personalized phone call during booking when we go over what to expect in an appointment and to see if what we provide is what you are looking for. Please ask questions during scheduling so you can be fully prepared for the appointment. The other part of this is to establish the terms as defined below.
  2. Payment must be received and cleared no later than 24 hour prior to your appointment.
  3. Full refund if cancelled 24 hours prior to appointment.
  4. 100% cancellation fee if cancelled less than 24 hours prior to appointment.
  5. Satisfaction guarantee: You may end the appointment during the first 10 minutes and receive a full refund. If you continue after 10 minutes, you are agreeing that the service has been provided and the sale is complete.
  6. Service are based on time. Unless otherwise negotiated, your appointment will last the agreed upon time (30 minutes or 60 minutes). The service may go a little longer, but will not cost more.
  7. For telephone calls, the appointment may start up to 15 minutes after the appointment time. If you do not hear from us during that window, please contact customer service by telephone or [email protected]. If we receive your call or message during the appointment time, we will reschedule your appointment. If we do not hear from you, your appointment will be cancelled with 100% cancellation fee.
  8. All calls are recorded and sent to you. If you wish to not be recorded, please let us know at the time of booking. The recording is kept confidential and will not be used publicly without your expressed permission. The recording quality is not guaranteed. Please keep written notes of important things you do not want to forget. The recording remains the property of Allison DuBois, do not sell it or otherwise make money with it. Of course, you may share it with your friends and loved ones as you see fit.