Dear Allison,


I am still on ‘cloud 9’ after my reading that you did for me yesterday morning and bringing Mum through. I have listened to the recording (several times!), with my four children, and wanted you to know that they have validated several points that you raised where I may have been unsure. I think this is important for you to know, so that you are reminded that you have such an amazing God-given gift, and that this gift that you so generously share is a part of Heaven’s design, to assist and support millions of people across the globe through the darkest days of when we lose our loved ones.


Zoe confirmed that Mum’s opening line,” Isn’t she a Darling”, was unique to Mum and that she constantly used it to reference my ongoing kind acts of love and devotion towards her, particularly in her ailing health. My girls also reminded me that it was a phrase she often used when describing a person’s kind soul, or the cuteness of little babies and toddlers. This alone brought tear after tear to me throughout yesterday.


The ‘e’ in my name (Anne), was indeed given to me because I was so special to Mum after having three sons, and I remembered that Mum had told me on a few occasions through my life that she LOVED the movie/book “Anne of Green Gables” and that I was named after her, which had an ‘e’ in her name!


Mum’s reference to Zoe needing to dance again and escape from the pressures of life was so accurate, and invoked so much emotion from Zoe, when we listened to this part of the reading. Zoe reminded me how much she loved to dance when she was young every day after school to her favourite pop music. She also reminded me of the ballroom dancing competition she had won at the end of primary school. I had completely overlooked these events, as at the time of the reading, I was thinking of more formal dance classes and competitions. Zoe cried and cried when her Nana acknowledged that she needed to dance again, as this was the only time that Zoe felt her soul was completely free and full of joy. Mum witnessed years and years of Zoe immersed in gruelling study as she went about completing a Veterinary Science Degree and soon to graduate with a Doctor of Medicine Masters Degree at the end of this year. Apart from myself, Mum was the only other person that really knew how study had completely consumed Zoe’s young life.


After speaking with my son Tim and outlining what Mum had to say about him, he also confirmed that he could not see himself being an electrician as a career path, and actually thought of becoming a teacher. He further stated that he had verbalised these sentiments to a fellow colleague late Friday afternoon!!!


Thank you also for the pages of notes, and although you might think it is an untidy mess ☺, I love them, and have already organised them to be separately framed and then shipped up to Shanghai !


Thank you again Allison, and as I mentioned to you yesterday, Saturday 8th July 2017, is now a monumental day to me, and for the rest of my life. The recording and the drawings/markings are testimony to not only your special gifts that you so willingly and lovingly share with us in your  pathway as an Earth Angel, but to the Universe of Love and Life that awaits us when our chapter on earth is complete.


Kindest regards