I’m often asked, “How do you know the difference between a dream and a ‘visit’?”. Obviously, a ‘visit’ will always involve a deceased loved one making an appearance. A dream usually doesn’t include the deceased, especially not in an emotional way. We all have characteristics in our personalities that tie into our dreams at night, to work out our angst. For instance, I have always had a “savior” complex, I’ve had the same dream throughout the years since I was 7-years old. In the dream I’m flying trying to catch a vampire like bad guy who can fly faster than me, he has a victim tucked under his arm and I can’t fly fast enough to keep up with him, right when I catch up to him to save the victim, he kills them and I wake-up. I’ve had both, intense dreams and visits, I do know the difference, let me explain. In a ‘visit’ when you see a loved one who’s passed away, sometimes they talk, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they smile, other times they frown but the common thread to an actual visit is did your soul recognize their soul? Did every fiber of your being sense their actual presence? With a bonafide visit from a spirit you’ll often wake-up and have the sensation that they were just there, as if you could have pulled them out of your dream and into reality.

The dead try and convey various messages to us through our dreams because when you’re asleep, accessing you is far easier for them because your not distracted by life itself. When your house is buzzing with children, barking dogs, ringing phones and work, you’re too distracted for them to convey messages to you. When you’re asleep, it’s much easier for them to communicate with you but they still have to battle your mind that’s working out your fears and your day’s problems. The more soundly you sleep the clearer the message will be. You know you had a visit, when you wake-up and you’re mad that you woke-up because you wanted to stay with them or you heard their message so clearly it was as if you were awake talking to them. Your soul will tell you if it was a “visit”, there’s a sense of ‘knowing’ on a soul level in your center, it was them, your soul will feel lighter after your reconnection. Some people will still feel the kiss on their lips given to them by their deceased spouse right before they woke-up, or the sensation that their mother’s arms had been wrapped around them like when they were a small child. There are feelings unique to you and your loved ones that tells you they were just there. When you’ve had a ‘visit’ from a loved one, you don’t have to ask if it was real, you just smile because you know deep in your soul that it was.

Don’t stop believing!

-Allison DuBois