I have had the pleasure to meet many, many people at my seminars through the years. My goal is to have everyone walk away in a better place than when they came. I try to get to as many people as I can, but unfortunately that is not everyone. The otherside often helps me connect with people who have a story that resonates with other people in the audience. Many times a theme will develop, for instance, mostly dads or mostly mom’s. Sometimes it is altogether different, like all Libras.

I am happy to announce that tickets for the Scottsdale Seminar are now on sale!

-Allison DuBois

If you have wondered what a seminar is like, please watch the video above. Every seminar is a very personal adventure that affects the entire audience. If you are in Arizona this April, be sure to get a ticket and come to this event. It is my hometown and it is always special for me. As always, I strive to help people be in a better place after experiencing one of my events.

Scottsdale, Chicago,
Dallas and Houston.
All United States tickets are sold on AllisonDuBois.com

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth,
Sydney and Brisbane.
All Australian tickets are sold on LuckyMaven.com