On this week’s episode of The Dead Life I want to talk to someone who works around death. I’ve always wondered what people who work in funeral homes experience. Today I’m talking with Cody Spradlin, he works in bereavement.
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Below is a link to donate to a family that just lost their wonderful mother.

She left behind 7 children: Howie, Johnny, Denise, Keion, King, Kevon, & Keshawn.

7 children that were her entire world. She loved them with her entire heart. We are starting this GoFundMe to ensure that her family will be taken care of and will allow them to grieve properly, rather than worry about bills.

Anything helps and is greatly appreciated.

Keep your loved ones close ❤️

Cody Spradlin
Cody Spradlin

I’m an Aftercare/Pre-need Counselor. I help people navigate their way back to a “normal” life after losing a loved one. I then help them prepare for when their loved one’s pass, which makes sure everything is taken care of.

The link below ensures that if death occurs 75 miles or more away from home you will be brought back with no additional out of pocket costs left to your loved ones. It’s just a one-time fee for a lifetime of worldwide protection.