This week on The Dead Life we’re going to discuss Earthbound spirits and other presences. Last week Dead University, my school for the gifted went LIVE on I’ve been fielding questions from my students as well as my call in Dead Life listeners and there seems to be a lot of questions about earthbound spirits and what to do with them when you don’t know what they want. You can follow me on Instagram@mediumAllison, and on my FB fan page. You can watch my new series Buried Emotions on YouTube and see me Live in Scottsdale September 25th, I’m also coming to Dallas, TX on October 15th. Tickets are available at

1. Mantra to the Otherside to block any earthbound, mischievous or dark entities from coming near you or your family.
2. Sage and sweet grass
3. Listen to the earthbound, sometimes they just need to be acknowledged.
4. They’re usually family members. Did someone die around the time you were born?
5. Earthbound spirits tend to be found in hospitals or somewhere they died but don’t know they did. Sometimes they’re aware they died but are bothered that no family was there for them or there’s no acknowledgement that they mattered.

Joe DuBois
Joe DuBois

Joe DuBois has been Allison’s husband since 1993. Throughout these years, not only has he worked as an aerospace engineer designing spacecraft, he has also been right beside Allison, supporting her career with technical and emotional support.