Hi Andrea, Joe and Hopefully Allison

I wish you could see this smile that I cannot wipe off my face….(actually, Allison probably can!)
I’m so thrilled and so happy that I made the choice to seek Allison and get some clarity through her insight.

I was especially comfortable Listening to and speaking with Allison as her true self.  Her laugh, her giggles, her lovely demeanour…all brought me such comfort.

She provided me with some great answers and some that might be considered not so great to hear, but worth accepting as well.

She was very generous with her time, and I will be eternally grateful for her not rushing my appointment.

Please extend my thanks to her once again for taking her time with me, and for taking the extra moment at the end, when she told me “and for the record, you have a very comforting energy”.

That was awesome!  She put the perfect finishing touch to an amazing experience!

If I could hug you all right now, I would…coming all the way across the internet connection…thanks again!

Big Hug