Hi Allison and Joe

Thank you so much for your reading of our two sons.

After your seminar we felt a lot of connection with many things that you had described to us. For example you spoke about our 19 year old son saving lives after his car accident in 2004. We forgot to mention at the time that he’d donated his organs.  David was an apprentice baker which very much coincided with his love of  food.
Mark was 24 when he took his own life. He did look strangely peaceful at the time and you were right in saying it may have been something chemical in his brain. Post mortem revealed Dysthymia which is a form of depression and they believed he would’ve probably had that chemical imbalance at that exact time. I understand what he did but we as parents are so very sad he suffered whilst alive and that we were unable to help him.

We feel our sons are both happy together and neither one is suffering. We have a surviving daughter who is 35 and an Aries like many others in the seminar. It was very interesting listening to your descriptions of the star signs.  Matthew was amazed when you were describing Scorpios as you were accurately describing him to a tee. He is surrounded by death both in his personal life and working life. He was a policeman for 12 years resigning in 1995. He continues to work in Emergency Police Communications which often results in him investigating deaths.

We just wanted to write this to let you know how accurate you were and that you have helped both of us worry less about our sons.

We wish you all the best for your remaining tour and a safe trip home.

With many thanks

Kindest Regards

Matthew and Sandra