Hi Allison


Thank you so much for my reading on 7th June – you can’t know how much it meant to me, as a reformed sceptic. Your reading was quite an experience for me, and you can now add another fan to your expanding list of clients. I still don’t understand how you do this – and especially over the phone – but perhaps it’s best I remain ignorant and just have faith in you. I just wish I found it easier to be in touch with my spiritual side, and to see the signs and connections. I came to you because I wanted the best, and you came through for me and validated my choice.


It must be strange to read folks who have given you very little prior information, but perhaps satisfying when afterwards they can fill in some of the blanks. The context of my loss is as follows:


My wife’s name was Jo (Josephine), and our son Jamie and his wife had a baby girl just 10 days after Jo died. This is the little girl you referenced. Although we knew her cancer was terminal, Jo would tell all the medical staff that she wanted to survive long enough to meet her granddaughter – our first grandchild – but tragically this wasn’t to be. The emptiness and depression you noted in my son was, I think, a result of his extreme difficulty in adjusting to these new circumstances happening so close together; he was very close to Jo, as our only child.

​ ​

I will share your reading with him when I think he’s ready – he seems to be coping better now, but I’ll run it past his wife before I do so.


I am listening carefully again to what you said in my reading, so thanks for getting the audio out to me so quickly. There were many things that you said that I was able to validate at the time, and some that have me scratching my head, possibly of things yet to be, but I thought you might like to see this image (attached) of an ornament that has been in our bedroom for many years in different homes, but one that often isn’t given a second glance, after your comment ‘she said birds are very symbolic of her and she is particularly showing like white doves so just pay attention – it feels like she sends you birds to sit on the windowsill’


I have taken on board some of the things

​ ​

that seem to be imminent regarding my Dad, but your words – Jo’s words – have given me great comfort


I am putting together some memories from friends and family for my new granddaughter – our new granddaughter – and we’re calling it Grandma Jo. I will definitely be incorporating some of the reading into this, having started it on the day Jo died back in November.


Another resonance that I found was in Jo’s writing – she wrote a lot in the 1990s, but never was able to find a publisher to take on her work. One set of 6 short stories that she had completed was called ‘After Death’ about those close to death, and their contrasting attitudes, experiences, thoughts and beliefs. I only read these after she died, and was unaware of their quality, as she had not used me as a sounding board at that time. I have now published her completed stories electronically, in tribute to her. I have attached the ebook as a thank you from us both.


There are other things about Jo’s life and death that are interesting, but I have taken up enough of your time, so thank you again, Allison – I am forever in your debt.


Perhaps one day I will be in touch once more to validate some of the other information.


With love and best wishes to you and yours