I wanted to record a podcast that answers the hard questions. What happens when people commit suicide? Do they go to hell? What are the church’s views on the souls of people who commit suicide and mediums in general? For the answer to those questions, I could think of no better answers than the ones found in Chapter 7 of my book We Are Their Heaven. While thinking about other topics that often impact our lives as others celebrate the happy holidays throughout the year, I felt I should also talk about DYING. For the most carefully thought out words I could think of on dying, I refer to chapter 7 “I’m Dying” out of my book, Love Can’t Tell Time. Carve out a quiet moment for yourselves, sit back and ponder what I’m saying, as I read to you from 2 of my favorite books.
During this sentimental time of year as we make new memories and revel in some old ones, take the time to feel grateful for the connections you have with the people closest to you. Taking the time to let your loved ones know how special they are to you and setting aside time to spend with them will leave you with very few, if any, regrets in life. Knowing that we matter to our closest friends and family and showing them we value having them in our lives is the sweetest part of being alive. I hope your holidays were merry, have a Happy New Year. I’m Allison DuBois, thank you for tuning in to The Dead Life podcast, to all of my believers out there, Don’t stop believing!

– Allison DuBois

If you like the sections of the books I read from in this episode, be sure to buy the book to read the full story. They are available through my website in paperback, ebook and audio book.